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Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Will Say Good-Bye To BET After 35 Years

Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Will Say Good-Bye To BET After 35 YearsBET and Dr. Bobby Jones’ hit show Bobby Jones Gospel are scheduled to part ways after 35 years. Jones is credited with having the longest original series in cable TV history.

BET announced the mutual cancellation of the show during it’s annual upfront meeting yesterday. The 75 year old Jones had this to say about letting go of the show he cultivated into a household name.

“There’s a little sadness that goes along with that, you know after 35 years what am I going to do?” Then Jones chuckles and says, “We have something else planned however.”

Gospel fans will be relieved to know that Jones will still maintain a role at BET, revealing some of his plans.

“I know that I’m going to do be doing Celebration of Gospel, but I don’t know what I’ll do with Sunday Best or any of that.” The man known as the Ambassador of Gospel says he’s looking forward to keeping his brand name going forward with BET.

Jones intends to go on representing Gospel music. It was a short week before the announcement that Dr. Bobby Jones spearheaded the Gospel entertainment onboard the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise. A secular voyage that led more than 12 people on-board to Christ. It’s these types of outreaches Jones will continue to do furthering the reach of Gospel music.

Says Path MEGAzine publisher Kris Patrick who was onboard the Tom Joyner Cruise, “Dr. Jones gets Gospel in venues that are hard to get in. He’s known as the ambassador for the barriers he’s been able to break through when it comes to the broadcasting of Gospel music internationally.”

Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Will Say Good-Bye To BET After 35 Years

[Dr. Bobby Jones and PATH MEGAzine’s Kris Patrick on Tom Joyner Cruise]

In Jones’ exit strategy he plans on going to many cities to thank his fans for watching all this time. Jones has not released the details on this yet, but one can anticipate farewell concerts and tribute tapings for broadcast in the works.

Dr. Bobby Jones gave many artists their first national exposure in the Gospel industry. Jones is credited with giving mega stars like Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams their first national platforms. The rippled effect of him leaving BET will be felt throughout the industry.

Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Will Say Good-Bye To BET After 35 Years

[Kirk Franklin (left) on Bobby Jones Gospel]

In a statement on their website BET promises that the final season of Bobby Jones Gospel will be “The biggest season yet, with gospel music’s most talented entertainers, choirs, evangelists and fresh faces set to perform and wish Dr. Bobby Jones a joyous farewell.”

If you the readers have a Bobby Jones moment you’d like to share please leave your comments below.


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Keith J.

It’s sad to hear this news. This will diminish Gospel’s platform a bit. Praying BET will add more Gospel programming.

Carol S.

I knew it would happen one day, but I sure hope he wasn’t forced out of BET. That would make the news worse.

Pamela Bailey

I’m going to miss this show because it was so uplifting the I enjoyed the entertainters that appear on that show. God bless on your new journery.

Mary Davis Stuart

Wow I remember when we first got cable this was one of the first shows we watched. My mom will be impacted because this is her favorite show to watch on Sunday mornings since she is not always able to go to church. The end of an era, unbelievable God will provide, he always does.

Prophetess Shianna Paris

I have tears streammming down my face. Every Sunday morning before I go to church.I watch Mr. Bobby Jones Gospel, the show uplifts you and gives me soooo much joy. That allows me to bring that joy with me to church and really have a awesome time in the Lord !!!! Their will never be another Bobby Jones Gospel show like hisss! I can’t understand or know the reason why he was canceled. What could we all do , so he can stay on the air. Every Sunday I jump in the shower eat and make sure I’m dressed before he comes on…and blasssst my t.v. set. Please tell me what can we do to keep him in our homes on Sunday…I can’t stop crying..it may seem silly to other about my tears but..this show is a real motivator on Sundays..God bless you Mr. Bobby Jones I love You and your great spirit of God you carry with you:)

Corey Ceo Carroll

I’m in totally agreement with you.

Michael E. Taylor Jr.

I’m sadden in such away to hear this because I watched his show as a child back in the the day when ministry would take place and people would be delivered live on television. I became a fan a huge fan of Pastor Beverly Crawford from watching his show when “New Life” was together. Those days his shoe would aire before church and that night. Dr. Jones would feature commercials of new gospel music and artist that were new. How could I forgot Video Gospel after his show. So many memories for 20+years I’ve watch the phases and changes on his show with the times. I will miss tuning in each Sunday to the singing men and women who ushered in the presence of God in our living room each and every Sunday morning. Thank you Dr. Jones for your vision and your ministry.

Daphney A Sims-washington

No words can tell of the accolades that I could voice about the Bobby Jones Show and how it help structure and mentor me by way of T.V. to where i am today. I’ve watched this show most of my life. I’m sadden at the announcement. I personally consider him the Life Source of Gospel Music. If you graced his stage you was sure to make a mark in the history of Gospel Music. I bid farewell to a man that has no need for introduction but deserves the best farewell. I say job well done. Enjoy life. <3

Quartet City Records
Daphney Sims Washington
Vice President

Corey Ceo Carroll

Well put. Hope to meet you on some type of business level. God Bless.

David Hugo

Dr. Bobby…wow what can I say my friend! You are the best in the business and a true friend! God bless you and continue to give you strength.

Corey Ceo Carroll

Wow. This is very heart-breaking. I love this show and as a Gospel Booking Agent , My dreams has been hoping to have one of my artist bless the stage! Best Wishes Dr.Jones. God is in control, So I will never cancel our business arrangement. See you soon some place at the appropriate time. GBY.

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I wish Bobby Jones much love, happiness, and success. He has touched so many lives, in the music industry, the viewing audience, and countless ordinary people that watched the show, every single Sunday morning.

Words cannot express how disheartening it is to hear that his program was canceled. Because, we need more spiritual television programs, and less REALITY TV SHOWS.

This world is in dire need for more love, and less hatred, and violence. Bobby Jones Gospel was definitely an inspiration to people around the world.

Wayne White

I just got through googling Dr. Bobby Jones. After reading what I had read… all I got to say is farewell. After (35) thirty five years, it’s time for retirement. It is going to be strange, every Sunday morning,(9:00amEST) clicking to (BET) and his show no longer being there. I will miss him and the Nashville Super choir. Especially the “big ladies” that sang background for him. It is truly the end of an era. Bobby Jones Gospel has been on the air every since (BET) Black Entertainment Television was established.(1981) God Bless!!!


You will be missed, may God continue to bless your endeavors.

Mary Dunbar

I will miss Dr.Bobby Jones Every Sunday I have Recorded his Gospel shows.May God Bless You

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