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MaryMary’s TINA CAMPBELL Blasts Christians Who Have A Problem with Snoop Dogg’s Gospel Album


[Tina Campbell: “And for the record MaryMary is doing a song on Snoop Dogg’s album too!”]

I spoke with Gospel star Tina Campbell of MaryMary today. The reality TV star and award-winning Gospel artist dished out the goods on a few things leading up to her solo album release.Tina talks about the new trend of Gospel artists working with secular ones. She was prompted to give her opinion on Tasha Cobbs working with Nicki Minaj, and Fred Hammond working with Snoop Dogg. In true Tina form, she was passionate about her opinion.

“If we follow the life of Jesus he didn’t hang out with the Saints all day and all night.  He hung out with a whole bunch of people that the Christian community and a lot of the believers thought that he should have never been down with.” Adding, “But at the end of the day everywhere Jesus went he expressed who he was.”

“I think all of us Christians that might have something negative to say need to shut up! Because that is not God’s plan, for us to always have something negative to say about somebody just because God didn’t give it to you to do it. Well maybe that’s not your call, maybe that’s not your ministry.”

Later in the same vein Campbell dropped a bombshell, “And for the record MaryMary is doing a song on Snoop Dogg’s album too!”

Shortly after making the declarative announcement Campbell said, “I’m not one of those stingy Christians that think God is just for me.”

Listen below:

I then asked Tina how she felt about Donald Trump’s insensitive racial comments that both sides of the Charleston, Virginia conflict were at fault.

Tina says she chooses not to fight with the rulers of this world, quoting the scripture, “We fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” -Ephesians 6:12

tina_Campbell_2017Campbell says she chooses to pray for Trump (a president she disagrees with), and pray for the world.  Saying, “I’m going to fight hate with love.”

Campbell has a really good perspective on how we can handle the racial tensions that are rising in America.

Also highlighted in the interview was Season 6 of MaryMary’s reality show that airs on WE-TV.  Campbell tells me that this will be the final season of the reality show. The final season will follow Erica and Tina around the world, and highlight some of the things Tina went through making the extended version of her solo album.

Campbell said she released the first album in limited capacity, and this extended edition will be distributed to a wider audience that will give hope and inspire people.

Take a listen to Tina Campbell as she speaks to me and the Path MEGAzine audience on Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE.

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