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Wess Morgan’s Ex-Wife Betsy Morgan Explains Why She Called Out Gospel Star Over Secret Marriage & Baby

Betsy-MorganMid-2013 PATH got word that the ‘I choose to Worship’ singer Wess Morgan had divorced his wife of 18 years Betsy Morgan. The divorce stayed under the radar for the most part until it became public knowledge in a series of Facebook posts recently.

The couple had stayed together through Morgan’s testimony of a lengthy drug addiction and frequent stints in jail.  A testimony that inspired the body of Christ.

In effort to be transparent, last week Wess announced that he has been remarried since January 2014 and is expecting a new baby with his new wife Danielle Walker.

Shocked, Morgan’s ex-wife claimed in her Facebook reply that Wess’ own children didn’t even know about his new wife and kid on the way, challenging his ‘transparency.’

After social media comments dubbed Betsy Morgan bitter, selfish, and childish, Elev8.com spoke with Betsy to get her side of the story…


QUESTION: Why did you take to social media?

Betsy Morgan: First I like to say, though I was married to him for years, I thought we had a good co-parenting relationship. Sure we had disagreements. But I thought we had a good parenting relationship. I have no desire to be with Wes Morgan whatsoever. I am not the bitter ex-wife who wants him back. I am furious, flaming, raging angry for my kids. If someone messes with my kids I am coming for you. What he did was unforgivable. I can’t comprehend how a man who is in the pulpit can do one thing and say another. I don’t understand. There’s no reasoning for it. They were treated as if they didn’t exist. I am like a momma bear over her cubs. I am just so angry.

Wess_Morgan_PM-Picture_SliderImage_620x399QUESTION: What triggered your anger. What is this all about?

Betsy Morgan: My children have had to deal with the innuendo, talk and rumors of their father’s marriage. How can a man not seek the blessing of his children when he gets married? He never talked about it . There was no clue. How his parents who are my children’s grandparents and pastors didn’t make him tell his children is beyond me. Why as an adult could he not sit down and have a discussion about it, instead of his children finding out not from him? My babies loved their dad. My children drove to see him in rehab when they were small. They had Easter Sunday egg hunts steps away from where people were in rehab to be with their dad.They supported and loved their dad. We were together in the peaks and valleys. My son just got accepted to camp and like any other young man he would love to share that with his father. He can’t. That option is not there now. Now, they are hurt. Now they don’t want to talk to him. They knew he was dating her. He lived in two house. (Editor’s note: Wess, lived outside the family house where the children grew up).

QUESTION: What lead you to this place of being righteously angry for your children?

Betsy Morgan: We got calls from friends saying he was married. It’s not right for a pastor to stand in the pulpit to preach one thing and do another. I am building strong children. They are smart. I am angry for my children. It was really weak, selfish and inconsiderate for him to do things this way. Why announce you are married now? Why say you are proud now? He wasn’t proud to announce it in January when he got married. He got caught. Why wait now? Because you are starting a show? Why wait 4 months? I am sure my 17 year old daughter is doing the math. He has two 13 year olds.

QUESTION: What next?

Betsy Morgan: We have an obligation to our children. I want to get married again. I am happily single. I want to be clear on that. You don’t do those things at expense of your children’s feelings. I have not spoken to him. They (his children) don’t want to have anything to do with him. He has reached out to them via text but they are hurt. I feel bad for her (his new wife). She has everything I left. This is a woman that he had a child with during our marriage. I refuse to be the bitter ex wife. I am so angry for my kids. I am angry that I have to pick up the pieces while he does whatever he wants. There’s history between us that makes this really sad.

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  • Alisa

    That is a picture of his daughter at the top of this page not his ex-wife.

  • karen


  • Smell The Coffee

    Very sad story. He, like everyone else, will reap what he has sown. The Bible says so. As for his wife, she doesn’t sound bitter. She sounds hurt for herself and for her children. It didn’t help that his parents knew what was going down and said nothing. So the children aren’t speaking to their father and possibly not speaking to their grandparents.

    I know of someone who did the same thing. He married someone he’d had an affair with before the divorce (his wife filed). They were off to build a happy life on the foundation of someone else’s heartbreak and tears. Long story short? They had two children. Lost one to drug addiction. The other? Uneducated, not particularly talented. This person has spent years addicted to alcohol and drugs. In fact, that’s why his wife divorced him.

    Wess, better make peace with his God and his children. A day is coming where he may need to call on one or the other. As for the ex-wife? Hopefully, she will marry again and be happy. He tossed away his 18 year old marriage and his children to pursue what we call a “trinket.”

    She seems oblivious to an old tried and true statement: “If they’ll do it with you? They’ll do it to you.” She’d better hang on for dear life. He left three children to get to her. The child she has with him isn’t going to “cement” her marriage. The child won’t keep him sober or faithful despite what may be going on inside her noggin.

    If he’s tempted (again) to go outside their marriage–and acts upon that urge–she’ll be shocked into a brand new reality. She’s married to a man with a penchant for drugs and adultery; not necessarily in the same order. He’s already demonstrated what all he’s about.

    She chose to ignore the red flags. Dr. Angelou dropped a dime on reading people a long time ago. “When a person shows you who they are? Believe them. The first time.”

    • TracieClaiborne

      I just saw your comment from three months ago and wanted to tell you that Betsy Morgan is the most evil person I have ever known. At the time she wrote this, she had tormented Wess for years after he had begged her to try and fix their marriage. She did things to him that no human should have to suffer through. I worked for them and it caused me to have a mental breakdown because I had no idea who she really was. You shouldn’t believe and make judgments about these things without knowing the full story. As God is my witness, Wess Morgan is a great man of God. Human, imperfect and flawed like us all but he is truly anointed and tries to do what is right. I would stake my life on his word.

  • A9JRtMDO6qI