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Shonlock Unveils Sophomore CD Cover, “A Night To Remember” Set For March 18 Street Date

Shonlock Unveils Sophomore CD Cover, “A Night To Remember” Set For March 18 Street DateRecording artist Shonlock unveils his highly anticipated sophomore CD, A Night To Remember, March 18, 2014. The CD will be released by Arrow Records and distributed by Ingrooves and Capitol Christian Distribution. The 10-track collection spotlights the emotion and power behind the intersection where life and faith meet.

“I know lots of people have many different experiences in coming to know Christ and making the decision to accept His love into their hearts,” said Shonlock. “This moment is unforgettable, an eyes wide open encounter with the Creator who has always been there, has always known and loved you before you knew what true love was – it’s breathtaking. That journey is the heartbeat of the album title and title-track, “A Night to Remember.” The CD focuses on that moment and surrounding experiences that all tie in to someone giving his or her life to Christ.”

With the collaboration between Shonlock and his production partners, Joshua Crosby (Owl City, Matt Kearney) and Solomon “Soul Glow Activatur” Olds (TobyMac, Family Force 5,) the 10-song set features guest vocals from Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter, Olds, and longtime friend and mentor TobyMac. Standouts include the title-track “A Night To Remember” and the debut single “We Walk On Water,” which blazed up the CHR charts landing at #2.

“I wrote ‘We Walk On Water’ for a friend who was going through a hard time,” Shonlock shared. “I wanted to remind him that he wasn’t alone. God had not forgotten him. We all experience pain. Most people start their journey full of fight and strength, but seem to lose hope and steam as time goes on. I want to encourage them by letting them know that the shore is closer than they think. The key is to keep our eyes on God, knowing He’ll be with us.”

Shonlock’s journey has seen him through his start as a choreographer and dancer to working with heavy-hitting names in the music business such as Aaliyah, Arrested Development and GRITS, which eventually led him to hearing the Gospel from a fellow artist, laying the ground work for God’s plan for his transformation.

“We all start somewhere,” said Shonlock. “And we all eventually get to a point of saying, ‘Okay, God. I’m tired of running. I can’t do it on my own, and I need you, or I just won’t make it.’ The song “Heartbreak” tells the story of the fight to surrender your hopes, dreams, fears and your ways for God’s.”

One of Shonlock’s highs while working on this CD included the opportunity to work with iconic Christian artist TobyMac. The song “Transformed” features guest vocals by Toby. The tune paints the picture of the metamorphosis that takes place when you allow the Spirit of the Lord to come into your heart.

“It describes the night when a lot of us took that leap of faith into the unknown,” he said. “That intense moment of your heart racing with anxiety when you opened yourself to the greatest love there ever was, surrendering it all to God, who changed your life forever.”

A Night To Remember track listing:
TRANSFORMED (featuring Tobymac)
DON’T PLAY (featuring Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter)
KINFOLK (featuring “Soul Glow Activatur” of Family Force 5)

WEBSITE: www.arrow-records.com

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