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Author Julia Whitley receives recognition from the White House for her book “A Girl Name Sue with a Secret”

Author Julia Whitley receives recognition from the White House for her book “A Girl Name Sue with a Secret”When a child is born there is great joy and many hopes for the future upon their arrival. Dreams of what they will grow up to do and dreams of who they will become. Unfortunately, for many children their innocence is stolen by unimaginable acts of child abuse and molestation.

To expose this social injustice, Author Julia Whitley sheds light on this issue in her book, “A Girl Name Sue with A Secret“, to bring healing, enlightenment and an open dialogue to help address this world-wide epidemic.” After enduring the pain and shame of molestation as a small child, I knew that I had to speak up and tell my secret to help others overcome theirs. As painful as it was, I knew that I was chosen to deal with this topic,” she states.

The White House has recently been made aware of just how important this subject of abuse is to Julia. She has sent a copy of her book to them and in return has received a letter from the office of First Lady Michelle Obama.

In her letter dated December 13, 2012 posted on White House Stationery she writes:

“Thank you for sharing your book with me. Each of us can draw inspiration from stories of courage, strength and perseverance. For centuries, the power of books has helped foster important dialogues, illuminated our past and strengthened our future. Please know I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and I wish you all the best.”

Michele Obama

A Girl Named Sue with A Secret offers insight, prayers and affirmations to initiate a journey of healing for those who have carried anger, guilt and shame.

Always striving to be proactive, the popular author, speaker and evangelist wrote the book as a guide for parents, churches, schools and most importantly for children to develop and create and use the tools that will help them to become more open about this social and mental ill.  A Girl Named Sue with A Secret acts as an open door to a much needed conversation between the ones who have suffered abuse and those who want to prevent it.

To purchase the book visit: www.agirlnamedsue.com


This book for children is a must have. You will love this book “A Girl Named Sue with a Secret”. This is one of the most informative children books that talks about child molestation within the family. After reading the book one time, although it was an innocent kiss from a childhood friend, she shared that with me. Just think what if it was someone else? Parents I urge you to purchased this book for your child. If you do not have children, buy it for someone else’s child. This can only be a benefit to someone’s family. I am personally going to buy 2 more and give them as gifts. I advise that you do the same. Hey, Julia Whitley, I and my family are waiting on your next book. Don’t keep us waiting. I give this book thumbs up.

-Pastor Teresa Davis
Houston, Texas

“As I sat to read this, I though of many of our children who like Sue are dealing with the same or similar situation, but unfortunately are shielded away from the world, from inside the confines of the home. Sue reminds us all of the importance of our responsibility of talking to our children daily in order to truly keep them abreast of all the challenges they face each day. It is with hope you will allow this work to ignite and illuminate you heart in your own pursuit to contribute in the lives of out precious youth.”

-Will Reed, Author and Community Activist, Houston, Texas

A Girl Named Sue is a life changing children’s book. Written in an unarmed yet easy to read style the book tackles a serious issue in our families and community. A Girl Named Sue is the first step towards healing anyone who may be a victim of child molestation and sexual abuse.

-Julian E Streete, CEO JStreet Branding,
Atlanta, Georgia

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