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The Word Network Brings Back “The Lexi Show”

The Word Network Brings Back “The Lexi Show”The WORD Network, the number one channel for urban religious programming, is set to premiere season six of it’s top rated original talk show, “The Lexi Show,” on March 7, 2015 at 2/1P CST.

During the three-year hiatus of, “The Lexi Show,” Lexi released the album, “Phenomenal” (9/4/12; Malaco Records) which birthed the top 20 Billboard hits, “Burn It All Down,” and “Abide.” In 2013, Lexi hosted the pre-show for the Stellar Gospel Music Awards. 2013, also saw the digital release of the critically acclaimed single, “Look At Me”; and she launched her own hair company, “ALX Hair,” which has notable clients such as: Claudia Jordan (Real Housewives of Atlanta/BRAVO), Lil’ Mo, Yolanda Adams and Vickie Winans. In recent months, she has gained online visibility and popularity through her official YouTube channel, by creating a series of viral videos. To date Lexi’s YouTube channel has over 12.5M views.

“Lexi has a unique gift that must be shared with the world, we are excited for the return of her weekly talk show” says Kevin Adell (Adell Broadcasting,), founder of The Word Network.

Past guests on The Lexi Show include: Evelyn Braxton, KeKe Wyatt, Kim Burrell, Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen (The Vision Church of Atlanta), Sheryl Lee Ralph, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Tonex and Bishop Carlton Pearson.

Speculation of Lexi’s return to weekly television arose when she surprised her viewers with the first and only exclusive interview with Mike Winans, Jr. Mr. Winans spoke candidly with Lexi hours before he reported to federal prison about the “ponzi scheme” crime that landed him 13.9 years in jail.

Fans of, previous seasons of “The Lexi Show,” can expect more exciting guests, serious conversations, one on one interviews, experimental journalism and trending topics all on season six of, “The Lexi Show.”

Lexi can be heard weekly on, “Inside Inspiration,” the Friday morning entertainment report on, “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show.” Season six of, “The Lexi Show,” will premiere on, “The WORD Network,” March 7, 2015 at 2/1P CST. (thewordnetwork.org)

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Ric Neal

I recently watched a segment of the Lexi Show called “Illegitimate Bishops”. A lot was said and unsaid. The show left the impression that an independent Bishop is illegitimate. No one supports the on-line self attained documents and self appointments. But there are certainly well qualified independent church Pastors who are Bishops who still teach, prepare and train other ministers and pastors for leadership that were consecrated properly, even as part of an organization who did not revoke their credentials because of their independence. Consecration/ordination is not repossessable. You may lift their papers but you cannot unconsecrated or unordain. I agree with the Bishop from Kingdom. If a pastor, deacon, bishop comes from another reformation, he or she should be respected as such as long as his departure was in order and if desiring to join the new reformation, be scrutinized for a period and if found in order, be recognized. All ministers, pastor, bishops should have a covering whether independent or not. I really enjoy the show. It was very informative but I think it placed a lot of emphasis on the Full Gospel Way. You may reclaim the position that is held, and you may revoke the credentials that you issued, but you cannot unlay the hands and you cannot take back from God that which you consecrated unto Him (only the individual can break covenant with God). The word consecrate is synonymous with the word Holy (set apart to be used by God). So are bishops holy to man or to God? What is holy unto God belongs therefore to God. There should be a part 2 of this discussion from the Bishops who are legitimate but not a part of the major reformations/fellowships. I’m sure, we as men of God, all stand against illegitimacy.

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