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Church Covers Bishop Eddie Long in Love After Revealing He Contemplated Suicide


[New Birth Church covers Bishop Eddie Long in love after revealing that he contemplated suicide]

In an emotional video shown below and posted on YouTube entitled “The Power of God’s Love,” Bishop Eddie Long has revealed to his congregation that he once considered committing suicide. Continue reading

Gospel Rapper CANON Details Battle with Depression in “Take it All Away”



Reflection Music Group has released Canon’s new song “Take It All Away” in which he details his bout of depression that he struggled with after a life-threatening injury in late 2014. The track is produced by Canon. Continue reading

Man Wrongly Convicted of Murder Becomes Pastor of Mega-Church


[Darryl Burton testifies to college students]

A 22,000-member Methodist megachurch in Kansas has hired a man who was found guilty of murder and then exonerated after 24 years behind bars to be its newest associate pastor after he completed seminary in December. Continue reading

Denzel Washington Testifies at Church of God in Christ’ Annual Holy Convocation


[Denzel Washington]

Hollywood star Denzel Washington, the son of a pastor, preached a sermon of gratefulness Saturday evening to hundreds of members of the Church of God in Christ at their 108th Holy Convocation in downtown St. Louis. Continue reading

Televangelist Rod Parsley Details Battle with Throat Cancer in Exclusive Interview


[Rod Parsley]

This interview is courtesy of Jennifer LeClaire/Charisma News

Rod Parsley was diagnosed with throat cancer. It’s not a big secret, though he has not been speaking much about it publicly—until now. Continue reading

Casey J Reminisces About the Sudden Passing of Grandmother

Casey_J_SadGospel music’s latest singing sensation Casey J has been keeping a low profile over the last week or so as she pondered the sudden passing of her beloved 85-year old grandmother Dorothy Mae “Dot” Choates who died on Sunday, September 20th after a brief illness. Continue reading

Former Audio Adrenaline and DC Talk Member Kevin Max Announces New Solo Album “Starry Eyes” in Testimony

kevinmax2015Singer/songwriter Kevin Max has announced his next solo studio project, Starr Eyes. It’s a project he’s been teasing online for months, but yesterday he officially went public about the project. Max is calling it a “covers dream album.” Continue reading

TVOne to Update Testimony in ‘Unsung Revisited’ Following Cancer Survivor and Former R&B Star Paul Anthony of Full Force

Paul_AnthonyProducers, Recording Artists Full Force, known for their work with artists such as Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, UTFO, Patti Labelle, James Brown and The Backstreet Boys, as well as The Full Force Brothers B-Fine, Bowlegged Lou and Paul Anthony for their co-starring roles in the urban classic film “House Party”, have entertained fans for years from stages all over the world. Continue reading

Christian Hip Hop Recording Artist, Lyricist & Educator Bathsheba Smithen Uses Her Own Life Story To Help Youth Find Their Identity

Bathsheba_SmithenMany believe that the challenges of today’s youth are rooted in a lack of self-identity. Bathsheba Smithen is on a mission to help young people find out who they are and what God’s purpose is for their lives. As an educator, teaching English Language Arts at Community College Preparatory Academy, she gets the opportunity to pour knowledge into thirsty minds. As a recording artist, she gets to share her gift for music and spoken word as a vehicle to inspire and uplift. As an entrepreneur and founder of Cage Free Voices, she aims to unlock human potential and free people to walk into their destinies. Continue reading

EDITORIAL: “Leaving the Chain Behind”

His-love-breaks-chainsLast night as I lay in bed with my husband, there was a “scene” that began to play in my mind.  This is nothing unusual because I experience this often.  This scene involved my husband causing me emotional, mental, and physical pain, and the end of the scene involved a rape.  Again, nothing unusual for me.  However, at the part where my husband was raping me, I realized this is not something I wanted to continue doing.  So, I prayed, “Lord, rewrite the script”.  Immediately upon saying those words, I heard myself praying, “Lord, remove the imprint from my brain”.  This is when I realized that my past experiences were continuing to live within my brain, my memory.  I continued to play the events of my life over and over again, nightly. Continue reading

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