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Listen to Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s Controversial Song with Nicki Minaj


[Tasha Cobbs and Nicki Minaj release duet to audiences]

Some say that Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s record breaking album debut was due to increased interest by secular audiences. I beg to differ, as Cobbs-Leonard has frequently flexed her selling power, at one point having 2 simultaneous albums in the top 10 for months on end.

The controversy started when audiences found out that Cobbs-Leonard had a song with Nicki Minaj on the album. This accelerant added fuel to the fire that has been brewing in recent months over Gospel artists doing songs with secular ones.

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That recent list of artists doing songs with secular ones include Fred Hammond doing a song with Snoop Dogg, Lecrae and Ty Dolla Sign, and more recently the story PATH MEGAzine broke about Mary Mary doing a song on Snoop Dogg’s first Gospel album.

In an exclusive poll that Path MEGAzine hosted on its YouTube channel per 100 users voted consistently 55% to 45% in favor of Gospel artists recording with secular ones.

Although gospel performing with secular is not new, it does seem to be happening more frequently, and happening more often with artists known for their provocative lyrics. It was ok when gospel artists received beats and music from secular producers, but the debate has reached a feverish pitch now that more secular artists are willing to proclaim Jesus and/or at least proclaim God.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard addressed the controversy for the first time in a recent sermon saying, “Who told you you could have Nicki Minaj on a worship album?” “And just like the man from our text my response to them will be Jesus did it!” Later in the same vein Tasha Cobbs borrowed Sheree Whitfield’s words from The Real Housewives of Atlanta and said, “Who gone check me boo?”

Many don’t know that Nicki Minaj’s mother is an aspiring gospel singer. Instilling the values in her daughter from an early age. That’s not to defend Nicki’s more explicit lyrics, but it does add background to the narrative that continues to be hot topic in the industry.

Take a listen to Nicki Minaj on Cobbs-Leonard’s track below. Nicki comes in at the 2:44 mark.


MaryMary’s TINA CAMPBELL Blasts Christians Who Have A Problem with Snoop Dogg’s Gospel Album

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